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Short Term Joint staff Training event

Due to Coronavirus Outbreak the S.M.I.Le short joint staff training event which should have been held in-person, in Ancona, for a week, have become an online journey of 10 days online.

The Mobility is the focal point of the testing phase of our European project Erasmus + and it took place during the last weeks (from 19th May to 10th June), with Movie Education as its focus.

The partners from Bulgaria, Poland, Greece and Italy joined 40 hours seminars for an intensive session on innovative education methodologies stimulating skills and professional behavior, in particular on integration between traditional teaching methods and experimental methodologies based on “edutainment”.

On meeting days the partners shared training sessions on cross cultural selling, storytelling and movie education methodology, held the first laboratory on the subject, testing the methods of the implementation for the Cross Cultural & Storytelling Labs.

Among the various training sessions some hosted as guest speakers as Roberto Gagnor, screenwriter at Disney Italy and storytelling expert, and Carlo Cuomo, edutainment expert.

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