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UNIVPM-Università Politecnica delle Marche

The Marche Polytechnic University (Università Politecnica delle Marche) is an Italian university institute based in the city of Ancona, founded in 1969. It was the first Italian university to obtain the Integrated Quality Certification according to the international ISO 9001 standards, therefore the Marche Polytechnic University is a regional reference for the training of Italian and foreign students.

The University offers 5 Faculties: Engineering, Economics, Agriculture, Medicine, Science.Over the years, several branches have been opened in other Marche cities such as Ascoli Piceno, Fermo, Macerata, Pesaro and San Benedetto del Tronto.

In the city of Ancona, the university is divided into three poles: Monte Dago, which houses the Faculties of Engineering, Agriculture and Science; Torrette, home of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, next to the Regional Hospital in the Torrette district of the city of Ancona;Villarey, home of the Faculty of Economics, housed in the former Villarey barracks, built in the nineteenth century.

School of economics and business: the bachelor and master degree courses in Economics will educate further professionals in the management of companies and institutions, also operating internationally. The student is provided with adequate general and basic scientific methods, knowledge and professional skills at the level of: administration and management of companies, marketing and management of commercial activities, finance, business organization, international trade, financial intermediaries, management of complex structures in the healthcare sector and more generally the Public Administration.

Poznán University of Economics and Business

The Poznán University of Economics and Business is one of the oldest, most prestigious schools of economics in Poland. Since 1926, we have been continually developing higher education and ensuring high quality of scientific studies and constant development of research infrastructure. We prepare numerous economic expert reports and implement innovative projects. High-quality education, which we have provided for years, allows our students and graduates to successfully face the challenges of a dynamic labour market.

The innovation of our research and educational methods has been confirmed by numerous rankings and accomplishments of our students and employees. 


We combine our care for the highest quality of education with the development of cooperation with other countries and broadly defined business practice. The teaching offer of the University takes into account global managerial education standards and the latest solutions in the field of economics and business development. As one of the oldest universities with this profile in Poland, it specializes in educating business leaders, highly qualified managerial staff, business experts and employees of government and self-government administration services. A wide range of studies include 18 majors and over 60 specialties taught at the faculties of: Economics, International Business and Economics, Informatics and Electronic Economy, Commodity Science and Management. The teaching programs implemented by the University are characterized by an in-depth practical orientation, since for over 10 years the University has been cooperating with the most prestigious companies from all over Poland as part of the PUE Partner Club. Business experts and practitioners point to the needs of the labour market in connection with economic changes. In addition, they conduct classes for students, during which they share their knowledge and experience. A distinctive feature of the curriculum offered by the Poznań University of Economics and Business is also the binding of management sciences and economics with the most modern solutions in the field of information technologies and law and social sciences. The wider context of teaching gives PUEB students a solid academic education, the ability to navigate in today's business and the competences required of a professional manager.


The university is an important centre of applied research, expertise, analyses and consultations for the business area, government and local government units. Scientific research as well as expert and advisory projects conducted by the PUEB cover all areas of economics and business practice. The university is equipped with the most modern research infrastructure. The Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Research UEP - InnoUEP consists of several specialist thematic research labs with a common computing base and data storage. Laboratories, equipped with the latest equipment and software in the world, constitute an environment in which interdisciplinary scientific research is carried out.


The University's high ranking and academic position is largely due to the highly qualified teaching staff. The University employs over 500 academic teachers, including about 140 professors. They are high-class didactics and outstanding figures of science and business practice.

Mission: Poznań University of Economics and Business aims to promote research and learning in the field of economics with due regard for the traditions of a university that was founded by entrepreneurs, ethical principles, social responsibility and academic freedom, and for an economy that will serve present and future generations.

Vision: Poznań University of Economics and Business is one of the country's top universities of economics of international renown, being a credible partner and a responsible employer.

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IPS-Institute of Postgraduate Studies

The Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS) operates as a division at the University for National and World Economy for vocational education and training and life-long learning. Postgraduate training at the University has started in 1970 and now IPS at UNWE is a leader in postgraduate studies in the areas of business, management and law and offers training services to Bulgarian and foreign citizens who have already acquired diploma for high and/or higher education. It is a certified institution under ISO 9001, holding a certificate for quality management system covering the fields of postgraduate training, project management and consulting. 

IPS qualification diploma is recognized and approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science. IPS works with top and middle level managers in private and public sectors, entrepreneurs, public administration officers, teachers, experts who strive for professional careers in different social sectors as well as individual trainees. IPS builds a stable basis for life-long career for its course participants and it solves problems of its customers in an uncertain world.

IPS at UNWE is focused on the organisation of training meeting practical needs of its customers, development and implementation of international projects, consulting services on educational policies and practices and elaboration of strategic documents, concerning education and training.

The priorities of the Institute include improvement of employee skills and knowledge, adaptable to the changing environment, contributing to competitiveness and sustainability through the creation of flexible and effective environment of the training and learning processes. The individual approach to the Institute’s customers allows for the establishment of a direct relationship between research, teaching and training, managed as projects.

IPS has participated in 38 international projects under LLP, ERASMUS+, World Bank and other programmes, and over 60 local consulting and training projects. The scope of projects’ activities includes VET, capacity building for SMEs, organizational restructuring and internationalization.

CONFORM – Consulenza, Formazione e Management S.c.a.r.l.

CONFORM – Consulenza, Formazione e Management S.c.a.r.l. has been working since 1995 at national and international level, promoting and implementing important research projects, training plans with innovative classroom and e-learning formats and solutions, providing consultancy and technical assistance to companies and the Public Sector, with the support of expert personnel and a consolidated team of trainers, consultants, professionals, managers and entrepreneurs, bearers of successful experience.


Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI)-Blagoevgrad

Chamber of commerce and industry - Blagoevgrad is founded 1992 as an independent ngo - representative of employers. Chamber´s main objective is to protect the economic interests of its members, to submit information and to consult the companies in the southwestern bulgaria, to promote their efforts for financial stability and competitiveness. The chamber has 1400 members.

The chamber of commerce and industry is a part of the unified system of the bulgarian chamber of commerce and industry with 27 other regional chambers and it´s incorporated to the world network of the trade chambers.

Chamber of commerce and industry - Blagoevgrad established municipal business representatives in the municipalities of blagoevgrad, simitli, razlog, bansko, petrichkresna, strumyani, garmen, yakoruda, belitza and hadzhidimiovo. Chamber of commerce and industry - blagoevgrad is a host structure of europe direct – blagoevgrad information center, part of europe direct network of eu. Europe direct information relays act as an interface between eu and its citizens at local level. In the frame of the organization we can mention few target centres functioning as well: export innovation centre, enterpreneurship center, motivation center, vocational training centre, ce marking and eu policy for safety of products and qaulity standarts consulting center. Chamber of commerce and industry implements successfully projects under etcp greece-bulgaria 2007-2013 and cross border cooperation programme financed by the new "european territorial cooperation" objective through the ipa fund and co-financed by bulgaria and the former yugoslav republic of macedonia:

  • Long life training as a tool for improvement of employability and competitiveness /emplocomp/

  • Regional business development through the use of information and communication technologies /rbdict/

  • Fresh –air 1-3

  • Smart specialization

  • Skills balancing

  • Social crafts

  • Environment you etc.

Other eu programmes:

  • Project scultbord under the grundtvig programme for lifelong learning of the european commission.

  • Chance step – by step, funded by international labour organisation programme.

The team: 7 people on labour contracts, about 20 on civil contracts for some specific activities, about 10 volunteers.

The chamber has long term links and coopperation with greek organisations.

Wielkopolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Today, the greatest concern and goal of entrepreneurs associated with the Wielkopolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce is to transform the current economic system in such a way that it functions on solid market and competition principles. Even before Poland became democratic, with the electoral victory of “Solidarity”, on June 4, 1989, the seeds of the development of subsequent individual entrepreneurship were born. The intention of the founders was to establish an economic chamber, but the subsequent regulations did not allow the possibility of such an organization. And so the “Wielkopolska Economic Society – Union of Employment Societies” was born, which after two years of a real struggle for registration, in March 1989, obtained the legal status.

The measure of the value and purpose of each organization is its social and economic utility. Since the first months of its activity, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Wielkopolska obtained the prestige and support of numerous companies in the Greater Poland region, which allowed it to create a strong economic lobby in this area.

Objectives: Representing and protecting the economic interests of the members of the Chamber. Cultivate the traditions of the Wielkopolska economy and promote and support citizens’ entrepreneurship as a basis for economic development. To assist the Chamber’s associates for economic, organizational and legal issues. Cooperation with state and local authorities in creating favorable conditions for commercial operations.

Inspiration and development of the economic cooperation of the members of the Chamber with foreign countries. Observance of best practices and appropriate behaviours in the relations between the members of the Chamber. Development of cultural, educational and training activities, training, sport and tourism, as well as social activities at the service of the integration of economic environments. Action to increase the competitiveness and innovation of companies in the Wielkopolska region.

Wielkopolska Chamber of Commerce and Ind

Hellenic American Union

Founded in 1957, the Hellenic American Union is a public-service institution with an international focus and strong community commitment, dedicated to providing opportunities for a diverse range of audiences to encounter and benefit from innovative educational programs and cultural events. These programs are developed independently by the institution or in partnership with European and American educational and cultural organizations and aim to directly address emergent social or economic needs. Since its establishment, the HAU has welcomed students and visitors from all over the world. It is estimated that to date 2.700.000 persons from 75 countries have enjoyed its services.

Chamber of Commerce

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