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The objectives will be pursued by implementing the following Intellectual Outputs:


This output begins with common research in the partnership reference contexts to analyse and evaluate from a qualitative and quantitative point of view the similar professional profile with desk  research and focus group in order to provide the Competence Dictionary.

Coordinator: Università Politecnica delle Marche


On the basis of the competences dictionary (IO1) partners will define the training programme to develop the Cross Cultural Sales Agent skills.

Coordinator: Institute for Postgraduate Studies –Division at UNWE


Open Education Resources on Cross Cultural Selling skills

This output begins with the feasibility study, the contents creation, and then the integration of different types of multimedia resources (2D/3D animations, audio/video tutorials, e-books, assessment tests) in order to realize the multimedia products with the audio translation in partner languages.

Coordinator: Poznan University of Economics and Business (PL), in agreement with CONFORM (IT)


Check-Up of Company Sales Processes

The IO will concern the implementation of a cognitive analysis aiming to understand the ways and means by which SMEs can be guided in defining their strategic routes to improve sales processes, based on the current and prospective development potential of companies that is not fully exploited, in terms of commercial performance.

Coordinator: Camera Di Commercio Di Macerata


Educational short films on Cross Cultural Selling skills

This activity is based on the "Movie Education”, involves the 40 students selected (10IT, 10EL, 10BG, 10PL), they will benefit from the Cross Cultural Sales & Storytelling Labs, held by the professors/trainers of the partner universities/training agencies involved in transnational mobility. The transnational mobility of teachers will be hosted at UNIVPM in order to promote the acquisition of methodological skills related to Movie Education (3days) and to Cross Cultural Selling (2days).

Every Partner will have to take part with their trainers in the transnational mobility, organize and deliver the 4-day   Storytelling training sessions to help the beneficiaries of their territorial contexts to gain the storytelling methods   and techniques, in order to support the beneficiaries to script the short films, to be interpreted in their respective   national languages and subtitled in English, to shoot the scenes, mount and produce the short films.

Coordinator: CONFORM S.c.a.r.l. (IT), supported by UNIVPM


S.AGE Learning Environment

Creation of the S.AGE Learning Environment, rich in teaching materials and operating tools.


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