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The "S.M.I.Le Sale Management, Inter-culture, Learning"  project intends to create, test, validate and disseminate as a new educational standard, the competence dictionary of emerging vocational profile of the Cross Cultural Sales Agent, a key figure of b2b sales process, in intercultural context, both in house and on the field, for operations of strategic and operational commercial negotiation abroad.

The project intends to establish a stable and multi actor European network aiming to:

  • Reduce the misalignment between the need for specialist and intercultural skills;

  • Favour process to acquire the competence/skills/knowledge related to the target profile by using digital teaching tools and innovative pedagogical methods;

  • Increase the employability of people with an higher education diploma and/or a degree in economic subjects.

Click on the icon to download the S.M.I.Le brochure

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