Sales Management, Inter-culture, Learning

The "S.M.I.Le Sale Management, Inter-culture, Learning"  project intends to create, test, validate and disseminate as a new educational standard, the competence dictionary of emerging vocational profile of the Cross Cultural Sales Agent, a key figure of b2b sales process, in intercultural context, both in house and on the field, for operations of strategic and operational commercial negotiation abroad.

The project intends to establish a stable and multi actor European network aiming to:

Reduce the misalignment between the need for specialist and intercultural skills, typical of the target profile and the training supply, through a VET PROVIDER BUSINESS co-elaboration process of both the target profile and related training programme

Favour process to acquire the competence/skills/knowledge related to the target profile by using digital teaching tools and innovative pedagogical methods, as well as, practical testing in real work situations

Increase the employability of people with an higher education diploma and/or a degree in economic subjects in partner territories

Professional Business Capabilities

Use sales techniques


communication techniques

Use consulting



business and 

sales strategy

Create and develop customer satisfaction and relationship

Managerial Capabilities





Behavioral, Intercultural and Language Skills

Show intercultural awareness

Study cultures

Active listening

Business english


S.M.I.Le - Agreement n.2018 - 1 - IT01 - KA202 - 006854


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